About Us

Having started as a small trading business, Krishna Hydraulic Engineering Company has come a long way since its inception and today it is an entity managed by team of technocrats with sound experience.

Thing started to change when the family set up the Krishna HYDRAULICS & ENGINEERING COMPANY with manufacturing facilities near Vadodara for design, manufacture and supply of reinforced Specially Industrial Hoses & Assemblies for conveying fluids in hydraulic systems at medium, high and very high-pressures for Oil and Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Mining, Steel, Power & Construction Industries.

As we have the flexibility to produce special requirements alongside our standard product ranges, we also specialize in manufacturing Hydraulic Fittings. Hydraulics are used in almost every facet of industry; Agriculture, Transport, Waste, Defense, Manufacturing, Marine, Construction, Mining, Engineering and many more. We deliver our customer with the premium quality of Hydraulic fittings to ensure customer satisfaction. The fittings are highly durable and are very strong. These are offered at very affordable prices.

Krishna's high quality levels are confirmed by type approvals received from recognized organizations.